So, it's been awhile.

My last blog post was in February, just before "it" happened. I'd initially thought I'd continue blogging through this moment in history, but after a few weeks I just couldn't bring myself to write anything down. Likely because while much of it I will remember...not much is memorable. I may regret not documenting the schooling at home, never ending screen time and meals on repeat.  But, probably not.

Today, I visited our GP for a routine visit and was struck by how quaint (for lack of a better word) the family medical practices are here.

In the Netherlands, GP's are called "huisarts".  Why? Because the vast majority of GP's have their offices in the main floor of their homes.  Of course, you can find larger practices in standard office buildings, but many GP's live and work in the neighbourhoods they serve. We see ours walking his dogs and at the grocery store. And of course, it's only a 5-minute bike ride from our house.

Our GP is not new to medicine. I suspect he is at least in his mid-60's, and judging by the books in his bookcase, he attended med school in the early 70's.  And unlike the stereotypical Dutch GP's we were warned about, he's not once sent us home with 2 paracetamol and advised us to call if nothing changed. ;)

But today I was struck by something else; how much he reminds me of my Dad.  Not in his physical appearance, but in the appearance of his office, and how he manages it. My Dad's office was always "organized choas", heavily leaning towards chaos.  Piles of paper precariously balanced on the corner of his desk.  Unread magazines and journals not-so-neatly piled on the floor.  And every corner was occupied by something, be it an empty box waiting to be filled, or an unpacked delivery of medical supplies. 

But most of all, it was the time he took with me that felt so kind and familiar, even after his receptionist had to buzz him twice to say he was running late.  Just like my Dad, nothing could make him move faster than he was ready to move. 

My Dad passed away nearly 15 years ago, and it's fun to find memories of him in unexpected places.


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