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Tips for first-time visitors to Europe (especially with kids).

As I've shared on Instagram , we've just returned from an amazing (and long-awaited) 10-day road trip through Europe.  We left the Netherlands and visited Luxumbourg city, Switzerland and France.  A few of you have sent me questions about the logistics of a road trip with kids in Europe, and have asked me to share a few tips for first-time visitors. So here goes: 1. Expect to pay for bathrooms 2. Most restaurants charge for water. 3. You'll probably have to pay for condiments 4. A good chunk of Europe is "closed" in August 5. Most hotel rooms are strictly built for families of 4 Expect to pay for bathrooms This annoyed me greatly when we first arrived here in November of 2019. Even public spaces (like train stations and airports) often charge anywhere from €.50-€1.00 per use. The only exception tends to be restaurants (but not always) and venues where you pay for admission, like an amusement park.  Many accept payment by card, but I'd suggest keeping change ha