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Our February break "staycation" in The Hague!

We're still getting used to the break schedule at our new school, but February is apparently the new March. ;)  We don't typically go away for March break as we prefer to travel when there are fewer crowds to deal with, so we've always enjoyed a "staycation" during March break in Canada. And since we have plans to go away in April and May of this year, we used the time to do some fun things in The Hague. 1. Madurodam  is pretty iconic and a must-see!  It's essentially a mini-Holland and highlights the main attractions throughout the Netherlands. They also have a few interactive historical exhibits that we all learned from! And Maren and Beckett LOVED the playground. 2. Operation Exit Excape Room.  Friedel gave the kids gift certificates to an escape room for Christmas and this was the perfect time to use them.  They had been itching to try one for ages and this one did not disappoint. Very well done, and it's in English! :)

Tips for making an international move with cats

This post is long overdue as the cats have been here for 3 months now, but I thought I'd share this while it's still relatively fresh in my mind. The steps required before your move depend entirely on where you're going and where you're coming from. As we were moving from Canada to Europe, it was relatively straightforward but still required at least 30 days notice to get the required vaccinations and paperwork complete.  In our case, the cats needed: -A new airline approved carrier -An updated rabies vaccine at least 30 days before travel, but less than 1 year old. -Microchip insertion (if not already done) -A physical examination with completed paperwork from our vet including vaccination and microchip certificates. -Endorsement of the paperwork by a CFIA vet (see below for how that got tricky). -Most of Europe requires pets to be received by a customs agent so we worked with Animals To Fly who were also great and easy to work with. In hindsigh