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Letting go.

Today is my last official "working" day at the office I've been in  for 11 years, in the clinic I founded in 2008. When we opened, it was part of a long-term plan.  We built,  they came, and I've been fortunate to have a very lovely and successful practice here, working alongside some of the best people I know. But I never expected to leave, so I wasn't prepared to "let go" in short order. Even though I know that I'm leaving this baby of mine in the best possible hands, it's still hard to wrap my head around it all. But this is really just one of many things that we're having to let go of. The kids are letting go of teams, friendships, toys. They've sorted through the books and toys from their early childhood, and we've all had to ask ourselves "do we really need/want this?" many, many times.Much of the letting go has been good. Being faced with the question of having to either store or take an item around the world really

Who knew that we'd want a life less ordinary?

Only 9.5 years ago, I was blogging about the beauty of a "normal day" , knowing that our lives were about to be turned upside down with the arrival of kiddos #2 and #3. We were knee deep in all things baby (and toddler), and the idea that we'd be planning a 3-year expat adventure just a decade later would have sounded too fantastical to believe! And we are. We're getting ready to move to The Netherlands for 2 years, followed by a year in Singapore. We know what an incredible opportunity this is, and we also know how much we're asking of our families to help make it happen. Our kids will move 3 times in 3 years, we'll spend time away from the neighbourhood we know and love, rent out our beloved house, and generally uproot everything that we know to be "home".  And we're doing it because we have an insatiable wanderlust itch that needs to be scratched. Our kids will tell you that "if Mom ever won the lottery, we'd be packing