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Settling In - Our first month in The Netherlands.

We're finally in our new house, and it is wonderful to have a space to call our own. I hesitate to say that our temporary apartment was "uncomfortable", but I underestimated how unsettling it would be to feel unsettled. It was much harder to "live" in a temporary space (ie, cook, go to school an work) than I'd anticipated. Will keep that in mind when we move to the far east. I've been keeping a mental list of things I love about Europe and Holland, and things I miss dearly about Canada. Things I love about Europe and Holland 1. The food. Ha- no surprise there. ;) But it's not just the food itself. It's the culture around food (neighborhood shops vs big box stores), the cost of food (SO much cheaper) and the quality of the food. Now that I'm equipped with my familiar kitchen tools I'm excited to get back to more cooking! 2. Transportation . We've been without a car for a month, and other than Brent's commute to Rotterdam,